The Society Logo

The BCGS logo features the famous ‘Dudley Bug’ Calymene blumenbachii. This iconic trilobite is special to the Black Country, because it was historically collected from the local limestone mines and was present in Dudley’s former coat of arms.
Dudley_Bug_Dudley_MuseumDudley coat of armsfossil

Sir Roderick Impey Murchison published a comprehensive work on the Silurian Period in Great Britain and elsewhere in 1839. His book, The Silurian System described the geology and fossils from the Palaeozoic and provided excellent illustrations of the fauna, of which 65% of his evidence was from Dudley. The illustrations were carefully hand drawn by Murchison’s wife, Lady Charlotte Murchison.

logo 1
The first BCGS logo was used in the society’s newsletters from newsletter no.1 in August 1975 up until newsletter no.23 October 1980 and fell out of use then.
bcgs logo
This is the logo (left) that was in use from December 1980 to 2016.
square logoOur latest logo (right) has been designed to fit in better when a 1:1 aspect ratio is needed. It also includes the address of the society’s website. This design can also accommodate special events such as the 40th anniversary celebrations when the trilobite was replaced by ’40’.

Mugs and beer mats

Mugs and beer mats specially produced for the Society’s 40th anniversary