Geological Leaflets and Guides

Building Stones of Birmingham:

The Curry Fund of the Geological Association has supported us in printing 3 free trail leaflets for the general public based on our 3 Birmingham Building Stones trails.

B'ham Trail 1 cover

Trail 1, 2021

B'ham Trail 2

Trail 2, 2021

B'ham Trail 3

Trail 3, 2021

View the Building Stones of Birmingham,
Trail 1 – The Town Hall to Cathedral Square leaflet, 2021 [Copyright BCGS 2021].
Trail 2 – Centenary Square to Brindleyplace leaflet, 2021 [Copyright BCGS 2021].
Trail 3 – Around the Shops leaflet, 2021 [Copyright BCGS 2021].


Wren’s Nest Nature Reserve:

Wren’s Nest Hill was declared a National Nature Reserve in 1956 (the first in the U.K. for geology). The establishment of the Reserve was in recognition of the exceptional, international importance of the site as a source of Silurian (Wenlock) age fossils.

2009 Wren's Nest NNR Leaflet


2005 Wren's Nest NNR Leaflet


Geopark Leaflet

Geopark 2016

Download text from 1990 Geological Field Guide (PDF 196KB).

View the Wren’s Nest NNR Leaflet, 2005 [Copyright BCGS 2005].

View the Wren’s Nest NNR Leaflet, 2009 [Copyright BCGS 2009].

View the Geology of Wren’s Nest, Geopark leaflet [January 2016].


Barrow Hill & Rowley Hills

Rowley Hills Leaflet

Rowley Hills

dudley volcano leaflet

Dudley volcano


Barrow Hill is made of a dome shaped mass of dolerite (sometimes locally called Basalt) which is a hard dark grey/black igneous rock formed underneath what was once the Dudley Volcano. Rowley Hills is another large intrusive dolerite parts of which are still being exploited for roadstone.

View the Barrow Hill – Dudley Volcano Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2005].

View the Rowley Hills Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2010].


Norton Covert – near Stourbridge

Norton Covert

Norton Covert


Norton Covert is a former gravel pit which exploited the Ice age sands and gravels. It is now designated a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation.

View the Norton Covert Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2008].


Scorching deserts & Icy wastes leaflets: Walsall, Sandwell, Wolverhampton and Stourbridge.

These leaflets explore the hidden landscapes of the West Midlands, looking at the evidence for desert climates 80 million years ago to ice age conditions 2.5 million years ago.

Walsall leaflet


Sandwell leaflet


Wolverhampton leaflet


Stourbridge leaflet


View the Walsall Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2009].

View the Sandwell Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2009].

View the Wolverhampton Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2010].

View the Stourbridge Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2010].


Barr Beacon – near Walsall

Barr Beacon

Barr Beacon


Barr Beacon is a Local Nature Reserve east of Walsall. This leaflet explores the geology and ancient climates from the evidence from the rocks and sediments exposed here.

View the Barr Beacon Leaflet [Copyright BCGS 2009].