Saturday 22 April, BCGS Field trip to Mortimer Forest, Herefordshire/Shropshire Border led by Paul Olver (Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club, Geology Section). Exposure of the Lower Elton Formation overlying the Much Wenlock Limestone. 3 photos by Andrew Harrison.

Saturday 20 May, BCGS Field trip to the Brymbo Fossil Forest, Wrexham, led by Gary Brown (Brymbo Heritage Group). 4 photos by Andrew Harrison and 5 photos by John and Julie Schroder.

Saturday 17 June, field meeting at the newly refurbished Lapworth Museum, led by Jon Clatworthy (Museum director). 5 photos by Andrew Harrison.

Saturday 22 July, field meeting to Huntley Quarry Reserve and Hobbs Quarry, Gloucestershire, led by John Moseley, Geowarden for the Gloucestershire Geology Trust. 3 photos by Andrew Harrison.

Saturday 12 August, BCGS Field Trip to Wren’s Nest, led by Graham Worton (BCGS and Dudley Museum & Art Gallery). 2 photos by Andrew Harrison.

Saturday 16 September, BCGS Geoconservation Day at Wren’s Nest, directed by the reserve wardens. Photo by Andrew Harrison.

Sunday 1 October, BCGS Field Trip to South Malverns, led by John Payne of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust, and the Woolhope Geology Club. 2 photos by Andrew Harrison.

Saturday 4 November, BCGS Geoconservation Day at Barrow Hill LNR, Pensnett, Dudley, directed by Mark Williams, the site’s local authority warden. 2 photos by Andrew Harrison.

Saturday 2 December, BCGS Geoconservation Day at Saltwells LNR, Quarry Bank, Dudley, directed by warden Tom Weaver. Photo by Andrew Harrison.

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